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Can You Replace Only Half a Roof? + Pros and Cons

can you replace only half a roof financing your roof

Roof maintenance is one of the most expensive costs that come with your home. Many homeowners try to save money when they can, but sometimes replacing half the roof will cost them more in the long run.

It is best to have a reputable roofing contractor inspect your roof to determine the extent of the issues.

You may be on a tight budget, but if your current roof has suffered storm damage, you should check with your insurance company.

Can an Insurance Company Replace Only Half a Roof?

Insurance companies are not known for being generous and are in the business of saving money on insurance payouts. There are two types of insurance policies, and it is essential to determine which type you have.

Replacement Policies

Replacement policies ensure a full roof replacement when an insurable event occurs, and these policies are generally more expensive.

Repair Policies

can you replace only half a roof finding the right coverage

The insurance adjustor considers the age and depreciation of your roof. Homeowners will get a percentage of the cost of a roof replacement which can be as low as 15%, depending on the roof’s age.

Insurance companies generally try to pay as little as possible, so getting estimates from at least two different roofing contractors is essential to prove what repairs are required.

Homeowners should read the fine print in their policies and ensure that they have the right kind of insurance before they encounter damage to their roofs.

You may decide on a full roof replacement regardless of whether insurance will pay. The investment will increase the value of your home and will keep your home safe and dry.

Is It a Good Idea To Replace Half a Roof?

Most roofing contractors recommend a complete roof replacement rather than replacing half a roof. Homeowners may think they can save some money, but a partial roof replacement may cause more problems later on.

You may see damage contained to one section of your roof from a fallen tree or weather elements, and the rest may look brand new. It is essential to consult with a roofing contractor because they will be able to identify structural damage that you cannot. Roofing experts will strongly advise a whole roof replacement.

When insurance does not cover the entire cost of the roof replacement, roofing materials and new shingles are incredibly expensive. Replacing half a roof may seem more affordable, but it is not the best idea.

You will have a new half, while the older half will still require extensive repairs. If you replace half of your roof, you will still worry about maintaining the other half.

Roof Repair Versus Replacement

There are times when patch jobs will be sufficient. You may have a small roof leak because you have missing shingles. Many roofing companies will install new shingles at a very reasonable price.

As your roof ages, structural issues may require a full replacement. You can ask about financing options as well as warranty protection. A total roof replacement will give you peace of mind for many years.

Cost of Roof Repair

The cost of roof repair will depend on the type of repair that is being done. The average price for roof repair is $1000. The cost does not depend on the roof size but rather on the extent of the damage.

Minor roof repairs, which involve replacing shingles, cost between $50 and $500. More complicated repairs, including flashing replacement, can cost between $500 and $2000. Partial roof replacements can start at $2000 and go up to $15 000.

A complete replacement might be a wiser option when considering the high costs of repairing a roof.

Can You Replace Shingles Without Replacing the Whole Roof?

can you replace only half a roof repairing shingles

It is possible to replace shingles without replacing the roof. You may find that the shingles are deteriorating with age on less than half the roof, but there is no threat against the structural integrity of your existing roof. A roofing crew can install new shingles in no time, which requires less labor than replacing an entire roof.

Can You Replace a Small Section of the Roof?

You can replace a small section of your roof if the damage is limited to a small area. Unfortunately, this only sometimes saves you the money you think it will. A roofing contractor’s workmanship is costly, and you must also consider that roofing materials are bought in bulk.

Heavy storms and high winds can undoubtedly damage certain roof parts. A partial roof replacement may not be the best choice. You will have an uneven lifecycle, and the other half will have to be replaced eventually. In the long run, it might be wise to replace the entire roof and request an enhanced warranty.

Can You Replace a Section of Shingles?

Yes, you can replace a small section of shingles, and a professional roofer can replace a small area in no time. Depending on why you are having them replaced, you may want to have all of your shingles replaced simultaneously, and you want to avoid an endless cycle of replacing sections of shingles.

Roof Replacement Options

If you have decided against replacing half a roof and you are investing in a new roof, there are several excellent options. You can choose an asphalt shingle, metal, composite shingle, cedar shake, or slate roof.

Investing in a roof is an investment in the value of your home. It would help if you remembered that your new roof would be guaranteed for decades with a warranty.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners may cringe at the prospect of a new roof, but sometimes it is the best option. Replacing half the roof is simply postponing one-half of your problems, and you will eventually have to make repairs or replace the half that was not replaced.

Your roof is a vital structure that shelters your home. If you replace just half a roof, there is no guarantee of the safety of your home. You want to be sure that your roof is in the best condition possible.

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