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6 Top Roof Shingle Colors for 2023

roof shingle colors different types and styles

Most people give little to the color of their shingles, not realizing it can make or break their home’s appeal. A roof accounts for a large portion of a home’s exterior visibility. Therefore, picking out roof shingle colors should be a thoughtful process.

It’s important to really picture what you want before getting a new roof installed.

If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading. We’re about to share things to consider when selecting a roof shingle color and the top roof shingle colors of 2023.

How to Choose Roof Shingles

A shingle roof lasts 25 to 30 years, so choosing a roof shingle color that maintains the value of your home and stays in style is important. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new roof. 

Home Color 

roof shingle colors choosing the right color

The roof color should contrast but complement the house color. Most homeowners accomplish this by choosing a shingle color a couple of shades darker than their siding.

For example, nearly every roof shingle compliments a white home, while a dark blue home has fewer options, such as black and dark gray.

Some homeowners pair their dark sidings with light-hued shingles. For instance, the homeowner of a dark blue house may prefer light gray shingles to black.

Although, a roof darker than your home is always the safer bet.

Shingles are one of the most effective ways to enhance curb appeal, so be sure you’re choosing a color that harmonizes with your home’s exterior.

Geographic Location 

Homeowners should also consider their geographic location before picking out a shingle color. Cruise through your neighborhood, and you’ll notice a pattern.

Some roof colors fare better in certain climates. For instance, warmer regions like Arizona typically have lighter-hued shingles because they reflect up to 25 percent of UV rays and retain less heat.

If you live on the humid yet cold east coast, you’ve probably noticed darker-hued roofing shingles as they hide moisture well and retain heat as they only reflect four percent of UV rays. 

Shingle colors often complement their region’s appearance, as well. For example, a beautiful dark gray roof complements New York’s modest and gloomy sky. 

However, it doesn’t have much appeal beneath Flordia’s sunshine as the UV rays quickly fade the once bold roof. 

Appearance in Various Lighting 

roof shingle colors choosing in good lighting

Shopping for roof shingles is similar to shopping for paint. You want to ensure the color you choose performs well in the lighting it will be in.

For instance, naturally bright homes often face the south. They also tend to be hotter, calling for lighter-hued colors.

Houses that face the north are in the shade for the majority of the day and run cooler, permitting darker roofing shingles.

Keeping the position of your home and siding color in mind, grab actual shingle samples before making a decision.

Place the samples against your home at different times of the day to get a grasp of how well they will perform alongside your siding and other areas of your home’s exterior.

Top Roof Shingle Colors for 2023

Now that you know how to choose a roofing shingle color for your home, let’s look at the most popular shingle colors of 2023. 

Light Brown 

Light brown shades such as taupe, sand, and tan are increasingly popular in warmer climates like the southwest as they reflect light rather than trap it. 

Light brown shingles are less common in humid climates like the southeast because black streaks from blue green algae growth are easy to see on lighter-colored roofs.   

The lighter colored shingles are only darker than a few siding colors. Therefore, they are most common in white, cream, and beige-colored houses. 

Dark Brown 

Dark brown shingles never seem to go out of style. They’re a good fit for most siding colors, including red, grey, white, beige, cream, and lighter shades of brown. 

Darker brown shingles like weathered wood pair well with Federal Colonial architectural style and houses made of stone, brick, or wood siding. The deep brown roof reinforces the traditional yet rustic aesthetic.

Brown shingles are common in the New England region as many of its neighborhoods flaunt historical homes.   


roof shingle colors grey shingles

Light grey and dark grey are current fan favorites. A color blend of grey adds the modern touch many homeowners seek during home improvements.

Not to mention, grey is a neutral color, versatile, and an appropriate fit for most climates.

Pewter grey shades pair well with light-colored homes, such as white, cream, beige, and stone. Some homeowners even pair it with dark blue sidings as it adds an unexpected but appealing contrast.

Because dark grey is a deeper shade than most sidings, it pairs well with multiple colors, as well.


Owens Corning named Midnight Plum their shingle color of 2023–a blend of blue, lavender, and grey. 

Therefore, this entry likely comes as no surprise. Blue shingles are breathtaking and make for a roof you can’t help but turn your neck to look at while driving.

Color combinations of blue are bold and contemporary, yet a good fit for multiple homes. 

Blue shingles compliment pewter grey, light blue, white, beige, and even red brick houses. However, because blue shingles are dark, they’re best fit for colder climates.


Black asphalt shingles gained popularity in 2022 and are sticking around for 2023. They’re sleek, timeless, and provide an edge no other shingle color can.  

There’s no shade darker than black, making it perfect for any home. Asphalt shingles also blur imperfections, ensuring an enduring curb appeal. 

The only thing to consider before getting black roof shingles is whether or not they’re a good fit for where you live.

As previously mentioned, they retain heat. They also melt snow faster. In the right region, this can be a good thing. However, in somewhere like Nevada, this may prove frustrating. 

Before You Go 

Choosing the right roof color can feel overwhelming, and while you should take your time doing so, there’s no need to overcomplicate it.

Selecting a roof color is as simple as choosing a color that’s a few shades darker than your home and appropriate to where you reside.

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