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7 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

questions to ask a contractor making inquiries

Finding the right contractor to work on your roof can pose challenges. After all, you have to review the options, look up information on the better business bureau, and do what you can to figure out who you should hire.

It’s crucial to hire a skilled and transparent roofing company to ensure a well-crafted roofing project.

As you understand what questions to ask a contractor, you’ll get the information you need to make an educated choice.

Why You Should Ask Questions

Before you hire any sub contractors for the job or sign a written contract, you have to ask key questions. Doing so will benefit you in multiple ways.

  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Screen your potential workers
  • Minimize unexpected problems

Communication remains one of the most important tools in any business. Most contractors understand they must communicate with you and answer questions, so don’t be afraid to talk with them.

You can also use the process to screen potential contractors. You shouldn’t take them at their word since they could have declared bankruptcy or not have a liability release. Instead of taking these risks, look for a deal breaker before you commit.

The same applies for minimizing problems while they go through the project. Instead of expecting things to go well, you can ask questions to ensure you have a good project they can handle.

Ultimately, questions benefit you and the contractor, so ask away and make phone calls if you forget any.

The Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Committing

Once you find someone you like, you should look into the questions to ask a contractor. As you go through them, you can find some important information about the home project, so you’ll know what to expect throughout the process.

What experience do you have with construction projects?

Before you start the project, you’ll want to look into a portfolio and find out if you have an experienced contractor. You could have them mention experience as a general contractor, learn about multiple projects, and other projects they tackled.

You may want to have them specify how many projects they completed and their experience. You can talk with general contractors or specialized ones about the situation, and even check if they joined any professional associations.

Does our area require building permits?

questions to ask a contractor need building permit

Not only will this verify them as a professional contractor, but you can verify the permitting process and review the local building code requirements. You should also ask how many building permits you need for your location, especially if you have multiple roofs.

Once they go over  the details, you should get a permit. Then, ensure you double check permits before the designated point to start the project. That way, you have the legal document before work begins, so they can start the next project.

What materials would you recommend?

As you speak with a general contract, you should see what materials they recommend. Doing so can help you find the perfect contractor as you verify their knowledge on construction, materials, and the services rendered by the same team.

They should understand the area, so they’ll know what materials work when it comes to durability. The contractor can also bring up previous materials they used in previous projects, so you know what options to consider while they take care of your roof.

Do I need to be on site for the work?

You should verify if you need to be there for the job. Sure, they may have an on site project manager, but they may need to ask you questions during the project. That way, they can ask you questions and receive approval before they do anything to your roof.

Site supervision matters when it comes to people working on your home. Even if they don’t require it, you should consider being there. That way, you can ensure they don’t do anything wrong while keeping an eye on the progress.

What should I expect from the payment schedule?

questions to ask a contractor payment financing plan

As you talk about the payment options, you can find out their preferred method. For example, you shouldn’t pay cash for the project since they could claim you didn’t pay it. You should only go with a  cash payment if you can get the general contractor to sign a lien waiver.

You should also establish a payment schedule while you discuss payment terms. Contractors prefer for you to be upfront and honest about payments. 

Before the start the actual labor, have them provide detailed contracts. That way, you know the risks involved while getting a fixed price and covering all the difference and minimizing any surprise expenses.

Can you give me an estimate for when you’ll complete it?

Most remodeling projects and roof repairs will take some time, so ensure you receive a timeline or estimate for how long you’ll need to wait. A reputable contractor will provide a completion date, so you’ll know what to expect from the renovation project and the project’s timeline.

Since a project remains a huge financial investment, you must know when the project begins and ends. Find out when they plan to stop by, so both you and the general contractor know what to expect when it comes to contractor plans.

Do you have a business license and insurance?

As you work with a building contractor, you must verify information about them. For example, you should verify they have a license since unlicensed contractors may go door-to-door. If a contractor goes to your door, ask them for a door-to-door license.

You should see if they carry workers compensation insurance, so they won’t sue you. An unlicensed contractor may not have worker’s compensation insurance, so you must verify these details. You should also check for general liability insurance and a contract they have you sign.

Concluding Comments

Whether you work with a general contract or a specialist, ensure you know what questions to ask a contractor. Creating a list and going through the questions will help you find a potential contractor for the job.

Remember that experienced contractors expect questions from customers, so don’t be afraid to ask them and pick your ideal worker.

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