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Learn The Layers of Your Roof Works With an Oakland and San Ramon Roofer

Learn The Layers of Your Roof Works With an Oakland and San Ramon Roofer

To many homeowners, their roof may seem like a mystery. How does it keep the rain out, and why does severe weather make it weaker?

While every house has a roof, not every homeowner understands how their roof works. As an Oakland and San Ramon roof repair and replacement expert, we are here to explain how your roof is made up and the ways it helps to keep the interior of your home and family protected as well as why it’s important to get high-quality repairs with high-quality materials.

Your Roof is More Than Just Shingles

A roofing system is many different components integrated together that need to seal, defend, and breathe in order to optimally protect your home. These different components rely on each other to perform their own task so the entire roofing system can function together harmoniously. A problem with one of the layers causes the ripple effect to begin and things can get out of control quickly if they are not repaired ASAP.

A roofing system is comprised of these components:

  • Roof Decking – The wood boards that are attached to the trusses or joists of a home. The different layers of roofing materials are then attached to the roof decking.
  • Roofing Underlayment – Felt or synthetic ice and water shield are used to add an extra barrier of waterproof protection between the roof decking and the roof shingles. It is used in critical areas such as the eves and valleys.
  • .Roof Shingles – Individual overlapping pieces that are usually flat and rectangular-shaped; typically made from materials such as asphalt, wood, tile, concrete, metal, and more.
  • Attic Ventilation – Allows heat and moisture to escape to defend your roof from early deterioration.
  • Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles – The finishing touch that adds architectural depth and dimension to your home while protecting against leaks at the hips and ridges.

Regular Maintenance

Even the best roofing materials that were installed properly need maintenance from time to time to get the most life out of them. The most significant thing you can do to keep your roof in good working condition is to have it properly inspected and maintained. Our GAF factory-certified roofing specialists can inspect your roof and make sure everything is working cohesively.


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