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How Does Sediment End Up in Your Gutters?

Have you ever noticed traces of sediment in your gutters while cleaning them? These can be partly from the debris that normally ends up on your gutters, such as twigs, leaves or even blossoms from overhanging branches. But sediment can also come from your roof’s shingles, which can sometimes indicate a problem on your roof. 

It’s important not to ignore the issue and schedule a gutter cleaning and roof inspection.

Why Does It Happen?

An asphalt shingle consists of an organic or fiberglass mat core that’s coated with layers of asphalt. Afterward, the top asphalt layer is embedded with pulverized minerals and granules. This top layer is now ready to protect the shingles from different weather conditions and other natural elements, especially ultraviolet (UV) rays. The sediment that you find in your gutters is just excess granules from your shingles. Depending on the amount of sediment your gutters normally get, however, it can become a serious problem if it’s not addressed properly.

Should You Worry About Shingle Sediment?

Most shingles are made with a top layer of pulverized and embedded minerals and granules. If it’s newly installed, it’s normal to find sediment in the gutters after inspecting or cleaning them. This happens because some of the excess granules come loose during the packing, shipping and installation process. You’ll also notice shingle sediment washed into the gutters and downspouts after a storm. After a while, the influx of granular debris typically stops. Otherwise, you’ll need to have it checked by a professional residential and commercial roofing contractor.

One indication that becomes a cause for concern for your gutters is when the sediment is around 0.5 inches to two inches thick. This may become more apparent if your roof is near the end of its lifespan, but it can also happen if you don’t maintain your gutters regularly. Irregular gutter maintenance can cause debris to clog your gutters and prevent the water runoff from draining properly. This also means the sediment won’t wash away effectively and settle in your gutters instead, causing more clogs and damage.

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