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HOA Rules and Your Shingle Color Choices

All homeowners’ associations (HOA) will have rules in place to keep order in your community as well as to preserve its value. Granted, it can affect your home’s construction, style and even the colors of your shingles. With that said, does your HOA have a say on what colors you can use on your shingles?

Before installing a new roof, here’s a guideline on how to work with your HOA for the roof of your dreams.

Why Should You Seek HOA Approval

Regardless of the nature of the home improvement project you’re undergoing, you’ll need to verify if it needs HOA approval first. Remember that violating HOA guidelines can result in hefty fines or even a legal battle. This can also result in your project being taken down. Some people think of the rules as restrictive on creative freedom, but this is done to protect your home and the community’s value. So, you definitely need HOA approval for your shingle color.

How to Get HOA Approval

Here are some tips to help with the HOA approval process:

  • Establish Clear Goals
    Contact your HOA, and describe your project to the board, along with its goals. Ask them about the documents and procedures you need to follow or submit to approve the project. Make sure that you accomplish them properly and submit with it a list of your color preferences.

  • Remain Patient
    It can take anywhere from weeks to a month to get the project approved. This can greatly change depending on the workload of the property management company. Just pay attention to your phone or your email to get in touch with the HOA board members. Once approved, you can get started on your shingle project.

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