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Getting Your HOA to Approve a Metal Roof Replacement

You’re probably assuming that getting a metal roof might not be allowed in your neighborhood because your homeowners association (HOA) only allows a certain type of material and design. While this may be the case for corrugated or sheet metal roofing, you can still choose a different style. However, there may be other guidelines you need to follow if you want your metal roofing to be approved. 

How HOA’s Maintain Good Neighborhoods

If you recently bought your home because the neighborhood looked nice, then it’s due to the local Homeowners Association, which has a responsibility of maintaining the local curb appeal by creating and enforcing the covenants. A HOA ensures the neighborhood stays nice and well-kept, which means you won’t see a home that has its siding painted in a color that stands out from the neighborhood or a front yard landscape that doesn’t fit with the overall architecture.

What Are the Guidelines?

The first thing you need to do in submitting your metal roof for approval with your HOA is to obtain a copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Every HOA has different CC&Rs, and you need to review them carefully to ensure your home doesn’t require a predetermined material or color for the roof. If metal isn’t on the approved list, then you may have to explain how your roof will be different from what they expect, especially if you’ve chosen a non-metal-looking material. You may also want to work with a trusted residential and commercial roofing contractor to help you explain it to the board.

Afterwards, you need to make sure you know which forms are required to fill out and when they’re due. Most HOA’s only meet once a month, so if you miss a deadline, you could be waiting an extra 30 days to start your project. It’s also helpful to have a sample of the material you’ve chosen for the replacement as well as the plans from your hired contractor.

Working with a trusted roofing contractor will also help you with processing the requirements for the approval, such as providing photos of other homes with similar roofs which can help visualize what it will look like when it’s completed. So, if you need help on your roofing project, Bay Valley Contractors has got you covered. Call us today at (925) 705-7889! You can also conveniently reach us online

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