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What You Need to Know About the GAF DecoTech® System

When you install a solar roof, you can benefit from a reduction in energy costs and significantly improve the value of your home. If you want to go green, this option is for you as it can cut down your carbon footprint. However, one concern of homeowners who want to go solar is the appearance of the panels. With GAF DecoTech® System, you don’t need to sacrifice the beauty of your roof.

Read on to learn more about this sustainable roofing option. 

GAF DecoTech® System

The GAF DecoTech System is directly installed on the roof. It features a low-profile solar panel design that complements the beauty of your home while being affordable and providing superior performance. Unlike rack-mounted panels, it has perimeter protection with counter-flashing and step flashing that minimizes the likelihood of leaks as well as debris and animal infiltration.  

What Are Its Benefits?

The elegant low-profile style of the GAF DecoTech System will make your home look more luxurious and astonishing. Another reason you should consider this product for your next home exterior remodeling project is its cost-effectiveness. With GAF DecoTech System, you’ll enjoy high-performance panels at a reasonable price. Moreover, its integrated interlocking allows for faster and easier installation.  

Because the DectoTech System utilizes best-in-class standard modules, it can produce the energy equivalent of standard rack-mounted systems. This product is covered by the DecoTech Limited Warranty, which covers manufacturing defects in the system. You may also be eligible for the GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty and DecoTech® Addendum, which covers manufacturing defects and improper installation of the DecoTech System and your roofing system. 

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