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What Factors Affect the Asphalt Shingle Aging Process?

One of the most popular residential roofing system options that have stood the test of time are asphalt shingles. They are renowned for their innate reliability, versatility and energy efficiency. They also protect your home against severe issues, such as leaks and moisture, thanks to their water-shedding properties. However, they can deteriorate quickly over the years due to different factors.

Here we’ll discuss certain roofing materials and their pros and cons for when you need a new roof.

Shingle Quality

If you choose shingles that are of low quality, then they will certainly deteriorate faster than premium shingles. Remember that shingle quality can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. You’d be even surprised that quality can change even within the manufacturer’s own product lines. Aside from picking the right quality of shingles, make sure that you hire a capable roofing contractor to install your shingles for you.

Roof Color

Other people would say that the roof color is mostly for aesthetic purposes. But did you know that your roof color greatly determines how your shingles will change over time? If you have a darker roof shade, then your roof will absorb and retain more heat, compared to a lighter-colored roof. Keep in mind that heat is one of the most damaging elements to your roof as it can speed up thermal cycling as well as moisture accumulation. This goes to show how important your color choices are.


The local climate can also affect aging. If you live in a tropical area where rain and high winds are just a normal occurrence, then your roof is at risk of water infiltration. If you live near deserts or in a hot and humid climate, then your shingles could age and buckle quickly due to the searing heat.

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