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Understanding the Different Kinds of Solar Power Systems

Understanding the Different Kinds of Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems are more affordable than ever before, which makes them a very attractive option for homeowners who want to save energy. There are many different types of solar systems, including grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid systems.

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In today’s article, Bay Valley Contractors, Inc., a top roof replacement company in our local area, discusses the different kinds of solar power systems and their features.


Off-grid systems can run independently from the electric grid, which means that they require additional hardware. Because of this extra equipment, off-grid solar power systems are more expensive than grid-tied systems. These systems are ideal for remote places where the electric grid isn’t stable. They’re also a good choice for homeowners who want to untether themselves from the electric grid.


A grid-tied solar power system is dependent on your area’s electrical grid. This solar roofing system is the most affordable option available because it doesn’t require extra equipment. This system also requires very little maintenance and it is the most stable and efficient way to use solar panels.


A hybrid solar power system can give you the best of both worlds. In a hybrid system, the solar battery is used as a backup in case your area’s electric grid goes down. This solar battery discharges less frequently, which means that it lasts longer than the solar batter in an off-grid system. This system is a good choice for homeowners that want backup power.

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