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Tips For a Healthy Roof

Tips For a Healthy Roof

Your roof like many things needs routine maintenance and upkeep from a trustworthy San Ramon Roofer to do its job effectively. Extremely hot California temperatures and intense UV rays take their toll on your roof each year. Not to mention the storm damage that can occur from severe weather events.

It’s crucial to properly maintain your roof and keep up with necessary repairs.

Here are four things every homeowner should do to keep it humming along the way it should.

1. Annual Roof Inspections

A roof examination should be done at least once per year and after each notable weather event. This prevents little dilemmas from becoming expensive renovations. When was your last examination? Our roofing pros are here to help! Click HERE to reach us online today!

2. Clean Gutters Are Happy Gutters

San Ramon Roof Repair pros know that plugged up gutters can lead to water leaks and other damages like foundation cracking and basement flooding. Gutter guards are a great way to keep your gutters free and clear of debris so water can flow freely away from your home. Always be on the lookout for drooping and sagging gutters or any damaged parts such as downspouts or endcaps and replace them ASAP.

3. Check Up In Your Attic

Do not forget about the inside of your roof! Adequate ventilation and insulation are crucial to the well-being of your roofing system.

Without sufficient ventilation, heat and moisture can make the decking and truss rot, causing roofing materials to buckle and decrease the effectiveness of the attic insulation. This will make your roofing system weaker and more susceptible to damages. If your attic does not have the right amount of healthy undamaged insulation, your home or business will lose heat/cooling and produce a spike in energy consumption.

4. Observe For Roof Damage

It is fairly typical for your roof to lose a few shingles or take on damage after severe storms, especially those with hail and torrential winds. Even tiny damage, like a missing shingle, cause your home to be more susceptible to water leaks, rot, and decay. If you notice any signs of roof damage make sure you schedule an inspection ASAP!


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