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Solar Panel Installation: Will You Need HOA Approval?

Having solar panels installed can make a huge difference to your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. But before planning this excellent upgrade, you’ll need to ask a few important questions. For instance, can your homeowner’s association (HOA) dictate if and how your solar panels are installed on your property? 

Short Answer: Yes

But this will depend on where you live. If you live in a planned community, then your HOA will have a say about your project. After all, its job is to maintain the neighborhood’s aesthetics and property values – things that an obtrusive element like a solar panel can greatly affect. The fact is that HOA can’t actually stop you from installing solar panels on your property. In fact, some states protect the homeowner’s rights to negotiate this project with their neighbors and HOA. That said, your HOA will have reasonable restrictions in place so that your solar panels won’t be TOO noticeable. For example, the board may dictate:

  • Where to install your solar roofing. The panels and electric wiring should be placed in a roof section that receives sufficient sunlight, but won’t be visible from the curb. 
  • The color of the solar panels. Most HOAs won’t have issue with solid black solar panels that have a black screen because they tend to be more low-key, aesthetics-wise.

How to Gain Approval From Your HOA

With a few considerations, you can easily get your solar panel installation approved by your HOA. Here are a few tips:

  • Know your state’s laws about solar access and solar easements. These may help limit the restrictions placed on your project by the HOA.
  • Comply with the HOA rules and covenants. Make sure to submit your application, plus all necessary requirements, right on time. 
  • Work with a premier remodeling company like Bay Valley Contractors, who already has experience negotiating with HOAs. We can help you increase your chances of getting approval on your solar panel installation with our streamlined process.

Look no further than Bay Valley Contractors for a smooth and worry-free solar installation project. We proudly serve the areas in and around Concord, CA, along with the Contra Costa, Alameda and Solano counties. Call us today at (925) 705-7889, or fill out this contact form to schedule your home evaluation.

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