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Do You Need A Permit For A Roof Replacement? (And How To Get One)

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Your roof is supposed to protect you and your family in whatever climate you live in, and whatever nature throws its way. Every part of your house works together to meet the demands of living, and your roof has one of the most critical jobs— protecting against water, snow, rain, sun, and extreme temperatures. 

Your roof can keep you cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, but it must be adequately built, and repairs on the roof must be done correctly. Unfortunately, repairs can only buy time until a roof replacement is necessary. When that time comes, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to get the job done. 

More importantly, do you need a permit for a roof replacement?

Short answer: yes. And a reputable contractor will be sure to obtain and present their permit when they get the job done. But first, what are permits, and why are they so important? 

What Is the Purpose of Building Permits?

Building permits ensure that structures are made to meet minimum construction standards. Municipalities from the city to state level have required houses to meet specific criteria to protect the people who dwell in them and reasonably withstand the climate they are in. To ensure these standards have been met, the permit issuer will likely require at least one inspection (if not multiple) on the roof before or after.

It is also important to note that whoever obtains the work permit is responsible for completing the job correctly. Therefore, if you hire someone to do work on your home, ensure they are appropriately licensed and are the ones pulling the permit.

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When Do I Need a Permit for Roof Work?

When significant renovations are done to your home, a permit will need to be obtained. There are exceptions; however, roof work is not one of them. The standards for what work requires a permit depends on the city and county where the work is being done, and fines for not getting proper permits can be substantial.

As previously mentioned, permits ensure that structures meet the building standard of the local municipality. They are also important to insurance companies. For example, suppose work was done on your roof, and suddenly you need to file a claim for damages. If a building permit was never acquired, your insurance provider is within their rights to deny coverage due to a lack of building permits.

You may not need a permit to replace a few shingles on your roof, but if a large section or the entire roof is being replaced, you will need a permit. Don’t let a contractor do any work on your roof unless they have a permit and if you are not sure a permit is required, check with your local issuing office.

Can I Replace or Repair My Roof by Myself?

Most cities allow homeowners to do work on their property, but whether or not you need a permit can vary. Remember, If the job you are doing requires a permit, you are responsible for obtaining that permit and ensuring the structure is up to code. You may be able to do minor repairs on your own but check with your local municipality before doing so.

Another thing to consider is just because you can do the work, should you? Climbing on a roof is dangerous, and falling off it can be fatal. Before climbing on your roof, ask yourself: 

  1. Am I able to safely climb on my roof? 
  2. Do I have the proper shoes to be up there? 
  3. Am I able to keep myself balanced while up there? 
  4. Do I have the right tools for the job? 

Know your limits and consider hiring a professional if you are ever unsure.

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Why Hire a Professional to Work on My Roof?

When performing home improvement projects, doing the work yourself is likely cheaper. Unless you have experience working on roofs, you should call for help.

A healthy roof is vital to the longevity of your house. If the roof is at the end of its life or has visible damage, waterproofing layers may also need to be replaced. A professional will know what work needs to be done and what material is needed. 

Although performing work on a roof can be time-consuming, a team of laborers working on a 3,000-square-foot roof can likely finish the job in 1 to 3 days. Plus, they can dispose of the old roofing material properly.

Remember, if work on your home requires a permit, the party that obtains the permit is responsible for the work being up to code. If the contractor files for the permit, they are accountable for fixing anything done incorrectly.

How Do I Navigate Getting Work Done on My Roof?

If you wish to replace the entire roof on your home, you must acquire a roofing permit, which ensures that your project meets California code standards. Ultimately, getting a roof inspection from a licensed roofing contractor is the best way to approach a roof replacement. That’s where Bay Valley Contractors can help.Our vetted team has the licenses, permits, and expertise to get you a thorough inspection, honest estimate, and the best workmanship around. Contact us today for reliable roofing service.

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