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How Will Solar Installation Increase Your Home’s Value?

More and more people feel inspired to pursue eco-friendly lives. Because there is an increased demand for green living, buyers look for energy-efficient features when selecting a home. In this article, we will discuss how installing a solar roof will increase the value of your residential property. 

What About Solar Power?

Solar energy is a clean and abundant source of renewable energy. Installing solar panels is one upgrade much more likely to improve the value of your residential property over other expensive improvements. Since virtually every home needs electricity or some form of power in order to function properly, the cost of using electricity being reduced by installing solar power will allow people to view your home favorably when it is up for sale.

According to recent research by Zillow®, solar power can potentially increase the value of the home by up to 4.1% more than similar properties without solar panels.

Green Houses

Having solar panels installed on your house can make it sell more swiftly. In fact, a home with a roof equipped with solar panels can sell up to 20% faster than other homes without the benefit of solar. This is a particular advantage that solar panels can add to your home and plans in life.

Another remarkable value that solar panels provide is significant energy savings. For example, a house that features heated flooring may see a greater premium due to the addition of solar panels. For people who often consume a lot of electricity, those potential future savings are worth shelling out more money upfront.

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