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How Will a Solar Roof Affect Your Home Insurance?

More than a million Americans now have solar panels installed to power at least a portion of their energy needs. The rise in popularity of solar roofing is a response to the rising concerns about environmental health as well as the rising costs of energy in general. Many homeowners would like to cut back on the energy they pay for while also reducing their carbon footprint.

In many areas across North America, it’s also possible to direct excess solar-generated energy to the grid for discounts. Some areas also offer tax incentives to those who install solar panels.

One area of concern for many who are thinking about installing a solar energy system at home or in a place of business is how the system affects their home insurance. Here are two of the questions you might be asking.

Will Your Home Insurance Cover Your Solar Energy System?

In most cases, yes, your home insurance will cover your solar energy system, particularly your solar panels. As they are considered a part of your home, your solar panels should also be part of what your insurance covers. Most insurers will cover named perils to your solar panels, including hail damage, wind damage, water damage and fire damage. Other forms of damage may also be covered. 

However, it’s a good idea to speak with your insurer before adding solar panels to your roof as there might be certain conditions. For example, you might need to buy an add-on or a separate policy, especially if the panels are ground-mounted. As for whether your panels are backed by a warranty against manufacturing or installation defects, you should ask your solar roof or energy system contractor.

Can Your Solar Panels Lower Your Insurance Fees?

It’s possible. Some insurers actually offer discounts to homeowners who install solar panels. Others might charge a minimal additional fee. However, it’s also possible that you’ll be charged more by your insurer because the company will consider your home to be more valuable. 

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