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Don’t Let Roof Damage Slow Down The Sale of Your Home

Don't Let Roof Damage Slow Down The Sale of Your Home

Temperamental weather can be scary for many reasons, including the threat it poses to your roof & the need for emergency roof repair.

On the off chance that your home has been affected by severe weather and has storm damage, it can make it a lot harder to close on a deal. “If roof damage is mentioned in the home examination report you have a few choices,” says a Walnut Creek Roofer.

1. You Disregard It

Numerous purchasers will retreat from the deal in the event that you do not plan to fix the issue. Furthermore, most insurance agencies will not protect the property for another purchaser because of present harm. This is a hopeless scenario for both parties involved.

2. Document A Claim

Much of the time, storm damage is secured by your homeowners’ insurance policy. This is uplifting news since you will not be out of pocket for a full roof replacement or renovations, yet the sale of the home will need to be pushed back.

3. Assign Claim to Buyer

Like situation #2, you record a case but rather than make the necessary repairs with a Walnut Creek Roof Repair pro you have the benefits from the claim designated to whoever purchases the home. Take note that you will still be liable to pay the charges for the deductible however, this puts the obligation on the new owner to have the work performed. Insurance agencies and loan specialists oftentimes prohibit this type of deal, but you can always inquire if that is an option you are interested in.

The most ideal situation, particularly in the event that you have storm damage, is to have your roof inspected and repaired now before you put your home on the market. By following this advice, you can focus all of your energy of searching for a new home while your roof is being taken care of and ready to be sold. Furthermore, a new roof replacement will be sure to increase your market value and listing price.


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