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Can Installing Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Adding solar panels to your roof can significantly reduce your energy bills and your household’s carbon footprint. Modern panels now feature excellent strength and sleeker styles to boost your home’s curb appeal. While being a sustainable option, many homeowners are still skeptical about going solar because they are worried that the panels can damage their roofs.  

Read along for our tips if you’re considering installing a solar roof or panels.

Can Installing Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Will Your Roof Get Damaged From Solar Panels

Your roof won’t get damaged as long as it is in good condition and can handle the weight of the panels. Fortunately, most of today’s roofs can bear the added load of solar panels, and it wouldn’t take your contractor long to install them. 

There are a couple of factors you must consider before investing in solar roofing. One of them is the age of your existing roof. This part of your home naturally deteriorates as it ages. You must address any damage and get rid of the debris before having solar panels installed. It’s also vital that your roof is the ideal size of the solar panels. You can make the most of your solar panels if they are facing west or south because they will receive a significant amount of sunlight.  

Work With a Dependable Contractor for Your Solar Panels

To avoid issues related to solar panel installation, make sure to hire an experienced contractor. When not attached correctly, leaks might occur. Skilled professionals also know the right size of panels for your roof. They will evaluate your energy consumption, check the shape and size of your roof, and determine the ideal system for you. Once installed, you must keep your panels clean to keep them efficient. 

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