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3 Reasons to Call a Professional Roofer

3 Reasons to Call a Professional Roofer

California is a great place to live, but like most places, it has its share of problems too. The harsh weather at times causes a great deal of stress on your home, particularly the roof.

If you have suffered roof damage, it could be time to get quality roof repairs.

Here are a few examples of damage that your roof will likely experience at some point in time from the climate.


Dominant winds can blow roofing material right off of a home or building. In a powerful enough event, both the roofing shingles and the ice and water shield beneath can be damaged. Trees that are nearby or above a roof can cause damage from the impact of falling limbs. Schedule a roof inspection at least once per year with an Oakland Roofer to ensure there is no residual damage left behind from the wind.


Heavy rains leading to extreme roof runoff can destroy a guttering system, downspouts, and eaves when they become greater than your gutter system can handle. This additional water puts added stress on the flashing, which is the material used over joints on the roof to prevent water from entering and causing damage.


Hail will often break skylights and windows in addition to damaging roofing shingles. Hailstorms are extremely hard on a roof and weaken their integrity and lifespan. An inspection should be performed with an Oakland Roofing Contractor after a hailstorm regardless of the roofing system installed, preferably by a professional roofer.


It is very common for the untrained eye to overlook small details and potential problems, even if you have the ability to access your roof on your own to make a visual evaluation. Always have it inspected by a licensed and insured Oakland Roof Repair pro to protect your investment.


Choosing a trustworthy and reliable roofer is just as important aschoosing high-quality roofing materials, which is we proudly install GAF shingles. There are so many reasons why GAF Timberlineis the #1 selling roof shinglein North America. We offer FREE INSPECTIONS and ESTIMATES!

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